Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Santa is a Christian

I wish the beautiful and uninhibited corniness and excitement demonstrated by Buddy the Elf in this clip would translate to the way we feel about the Lord and Savior of the Universe. Because it is undoubtedly classic. It will never get old and I will never not laugh when I think about it. Any chance I get to post Will Farrell on this blog I will take it, and in this case, my intention is to exhort you to know Christ like Buddy knows Santa, and not be ashamed at all about it. He is real.

Speaking of that, if such a thing interests you, check out some interesting conversation on the web:

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I was warned in an earlier post to watch what I say about Santa. And that I will certainly do. From no one else have I received such undeserved (yet ultimately temporary) joy in the form of ridiculous presents and toys that are simply awesome. No one else could deliver a fresh pair of '87 Air Jordan basketball shoes and a complete Thundercats figure set from the same toy shop. Simply amazing. But what I would like to relay and practice myself this year and beyond, is a view of Santa like that of C.S. Lewis in the classic The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: as Father Christmas sharing hope and love, and gifts, yet submissive to the ultimate ruler and authority, Christ, represented as Aslan in the story.

Santa does not have to be excluded, but Jesus should not be replaced. Truly, the example and legend of Santa makes a lot less sense without the truth and reality of Jesus Christ. It is not corny and stale to prefer and desire eternal life above toys. That we were created for Christ does not make toys themselves evil, but an all-consuming focus on toys (house, car, money) represents the evil that is in our heart and from which Jesus came to save us. Santa would not approve of this all-consuming focus, and the neglect of the ruler and authority he answers to. And in that case, Santa and Christ have spoken, and I'm taking a hint. If there is a better witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ than Santa Claus himself, I have yet to hear about it. Let's not miss the Gospel for the sake of the witness.

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