Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Don't Waste Your Life

I've got a challenge: think of things that take you 10 minutes to do. For example: run a mile (maybe 2 miles if you're a stud); drive to work; take a shower; read the newspaper; write an email; eat a bowl of cereal; take a nap; surf the web; stop at a gas station; send a couple text messages; veg out on the couch; cook dinner; take a walk; play a hand of cards; wait for a table at a resturant. You get the picture.

Well, do me a favor: sacrifice one of those things and watch this video. Seriously, do it. Please? If this blog is to be about bringing the simple truth of the Gospel into the complex culture of America, this message is essential. And be warned, it is radical. Watch it.

(the picture will clear up after a few seconds)

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N8 said...

You were saying the other day how Romans 1:6,7 radically changes your view of Christianity. This video radically changed mine. I was there at TCX in Minneapolis when Piper gave this message. It was my first big Christian event, and between this message by Piper and some great ones from Brian Lorrits my view of Christianity and life was radically transformed over five days.

Piper did it for me again at Passion in 07. Check out this message from Piper on How to Deal with the Guilt of Sexual Failure for the Glory of Christ and His Global Cause. It was an awesome message, to further the experience, after Piper's message Charlie Hall got up on stage and played this version of Marvelous Light. Powerful stuff...such a powerful God....