Saturday, August 29, 2009

Poetic Paraphrase

I love Christian rap. Here is a taste, without the music:

2 Corinthians 10 - 13

I’ve boasted of your readiness for a year.
Give them your heart and not the pressure of your peers.
They say I’m bold in letter, meek in face,
If I begin to boast, I boast in grace.
If they can boast then I can boast in position.
If they can boast then I can boast in tradition.
I can boast in my physical con-dition,
Stoned to beaten but to God’s glory my affliction.
I can also begin to boast in the vision
Of glory and paradise that I saw with precision.
But if I saw the vision
God made a decision
To put a thorn in my side but His grace is sufficient.
So if I’m unimpressive it’s for the glory of the Lord,
Me being humble is the whole purpose of the thorn.
And if you want evidence of my power in the Son,
Next time I come, I will not spare anyone.
Test yourselves, to see if you are of the faith,
‘Cause the runner knows he’s running, if they’re runners in the race.
Finally brothers, be complete and like minded,
The love and peace of God, will keep us united.

Artist: 116 Clique
Song: This is My Heart
Album: 13 Letters

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