Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The World is Not Enough

In light of the Olympics, which regrettably I've been mostly unable to watch (what's with the time difference?), and out of general curiosity, I've picked up my reading of the intelligent, yet extremely secular, publication The Economist. Simultaneously, I've been encouraged and convicted through participation in the Global Prayer Challenge, a daily prayer resource put together by Operation World, that I was introduced to by a friend, through, of all things, Facebook. I don't believe its a coincidence that the hardly known country Mauritania was the Pray Today country (which is alphabetical) the same week that a military coup overthrew the established government and caused further instability to a continent plagued with it.

I'd like to invite you to check out any of these things (the Olympics, The Economist, Operation World) if you haven't already and let your world get a little bigger. Our generation is hopelessly secluded and enslaved to things and a culture that in retrospect will be but a fleeting fantasy, and my intention, only by the daily grace of God, is to not be a part of it, save from the influence I can perhaps have to the glory of God. For a balanced Christian perspective on many of the same stories and happenings around the world, I will always recommend the wonders of Christianity Today.

More to come.

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