Thursday, May 8, 2008

It Shouldn't Take a Cyclone

I am overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings towards what happened in Myanmar, also know as Burma, and the people affected. My overall challenge to myself and whoever God leads to read this post is: don't ignore this disaster. Consider it a perfect opportunity to pray for and help people who are suffering loss and displacement in a way we can't possibly imagine. And think about yourself and others and realize that it shouldn't take a cyclone to provide an occasion to share and savor and the Gospel. Here are some links that help me through these types of things. The first is a mission organization (for whom the missionaries I worked with in Brazil work) who have a unique presence and opportunity to help in Myanmar, and would be a solid way to contribute.

New Mission Systems International

6 Ways to React to the Cyclone

Tsunami and Repentance

Luke 13:1-9

And for the record, whether or not the cyclone and other natural disasters are because of global warming should not be our focus right now. Our focus should be the people who are suffering and the God who is sovereign.

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