Thursday, February 21, 2008

Going Public

Welcome. The purpose of this blog is kind of described all over the blog. The post below takes an entry I wrote in college and expands it to explain the meaning of the title; i.e. that God is sovereign. The About Me section describes my vision statement which means to show how I view God's call in my life. The links on the bottom and the side of the page are basically self explanatory, and lead you to the people and the places God has used to shape my thoughts, my heart, and my action as it relates to my personal faith. And the picture of me with a turtle is, well, just a picture of me holding a turtle. This is to assure you random humor and perspective will come through on this site among all the attempts at wisdom. The picture may change at unpredictable times and will have no significance whatsoever except to confuse you and make you laugh.

Some blogs out there intelligently review those aspects of culture we most enjoy: restaurants, movies, sports and music. Some blogs humorously comment on the aspects of culture that sometimes just don't make sense. Some blogs explore politics, religion, economics, health, history, or just personal opinions and interests. This is none of those blogs.

Here I will to the best of my ability connect all these things and more under the Lordship, and for the glory, of Jesus Christ.

Wish me luck.

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Amber said...

we couldn't be happier that you've joined the blogosphere. welcome. we look forward to keeping in better touch and getting a little glimpse into your inner thoughts :)
sam and amber